Mahina 'Moon' Cups

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The Best Option for Moon-Time!

*Zero Waste
*Zero Chemicals
*pH Neutral
*Cost Effective
*Empowering Experience

{ The menstrual cycle is responsible for all human life on earth. It reflects our connection with the moon, the tides, and our creativity. When we celebrate this connection, conditions such as PMS and menstrual cramps often abate naturally. — Dr. Christiane Northrup }

Mahina Cup is a reusable, bell-shaped menstrual cup that is worn internally and sits snuggly in the womb, just below the cervix. Mahina Cup is 100% medical grade silicone, safe to use and easy to clean. Wear Mahina Cup happily for up to 12 hours for all activities (on air, land and sea). Mahina Cup collects moon blood, rather then absorbs it and you simply empty it rather than change it. Mahina Cup lasts up to 10 years - a lifetime of freedom!

Mahina Cup is the #1 solution for the modern women, offering menstrual liberation and luxury like never before! No more vulgar sights and smells that are common with the use of disposables. Mahina Cup invites you to get to know your body and your moon-time process in a way that is inviting and full of discovery.

Mahina means 'Moon' in Hawai'ian, where we are blessed and based. We believe the mana (life-force energy) of this sacred land travels to and through to You with every Mahina Cup purchase. Wombyn wax and wane like the moon - we go through a beautiful cyclical journey in the course of our Sacred Cycle. You will notice we also refer to blood time as 'moon-time,' honoring Grandmother Moon for her deep wisdom, luminous radiance, and cyclical nature. We, as wombyn are a reflection of the moon, and hold the power of Her in our own womb, our creation center. Our mission is to Remember this Tribal Truth and to shine our own diamond radiance onto the world.




*The average woman uses approximately 20,000 tampons, pad, and pantyliners in her lifetime!
*4.3 billion disposable menstrual products are used per year globally!
*2.5 million tampons, 1.4 million pads, 700,000 panty liners are flushed down the toilet everyday!

Mahina Cup is an simple solution to reduce our impact on Mama Earth ~ every month! Mahina Cup supports you physically, environmentally, economically and spiritually to be the change.


“Womb: a women’s word for her source of power within her center”

Sister, you are extremely powerful when you pray and even more so when you bleed. The wisdom of a women is linked to your womb, your place of creation. Due to the expansion of your energy body during moon-time, you becomes amplified. This is why it’s imperative you to take time to rest, heal and listen.

Our moon-time is a beautiful and sacred ancient process and a time when our bodies are psychically connected to all the wombs of the world - past, present and future (the womb grid). Any women in her bleeding years knows that her life is greatly run and affected by her moon, Mahina Cup offers an opportunity to change your experience from something you dread to something you embrace.


"The more clearly you understand yourself and your emotions, the more you become a lover of what is.”

The value we place on our moon-time has a direct correlation with the value we place on ourselves as women. To deny ourself this time of introspection and renewal is to deny our self as woman.

Developing a love and connection with the power of moon-time requires developing a love and connection with the whole process. The deeper we can love ourself, the more love we have to give back to the world. . Get in touch with your beautiful body temple and allow Mahina Cup to be your vessel of embodiment.

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Words by Alila, founder of My Sacred Cycle