Our Medicine Wo/men

What is this whole ‘Medicine Women/Men’ thing about? 

“Since the olden days, each nation, tribe and village had medicine people; whether male or female was of no consequence. Children who were born with the gift of healing were taken by the medicine person as a young child and taught healing ways. They were taught to recognize the healing plants, trees, roots, berries and wild herbs. They were taught how to make poultices, teas and other healing foods. 

Medicine Women were the local psychologists, therapists, physicians and marriage counselors. In some tribes, the Medicine Women were given the responsibility of making the warriors' shields for it was believed that she had special powers that would give those war shields added protection for the owners. The practicing of medicine ways was a full time job for the responsibility for the well-being and emotional balance of the villagers belonged to the Medicine Woman. 

The art of being a Medicine Woman has not been lost. There are more practicing Medicine Women alive today than ever before using the same old natural ways combined with the new technology that has been developed. There are herbalists, naturalists, aroma therapists, massage therapists - those who teach spirituality, awareness, meditation skills - and on and on. The Medicine Woman continues to care for her family and loved ones with all the tools available to her so they can walk in balance, and live life in health and harmony.” — Words adapted from “Women Spirit” by Julia White. 

Here at The Botanical Plate, we live to gather and build a community of women who are in-tuned with the people & environment around them, with the land, with Mother Earth, with themselves. Those whose spirits we feel need to be shared, learned from & merged together, with our very own. It is our soul’s mission to grow and strengthen the gathering of medicine women (and men!) from all over this earth. Some may think that our roots of being a medicine or healer woman have lost its way in modern times but, nothing is ever lost and nothing is ever found, we are what we are. In fact, at our very core — we are all healers and nurturers and as Paul Levy once said, “we can all play this role for each other. At the level of the true nature state, where we are not separate, no one gets fully healed until we all do.”.

It is our responsibility to bring as much light to every ‘healer’ we feel connected to — especially in these dark times of global warming, mass environmental destruction, consumerism, mass production, mass pollution, animal abuse, hatred, fear, over consumption, over population, and other worldly problems.. We have no time to ‘censor’ what we think will be offensive or disbelieving to the public. We will share our truth till we no longer walk this earth. We will LOVE and that is all there is to it.

With that, we bring to you with honour and deep love, our very own medicine spirits — 

At namastéas, divine organic tea leaves are grown and harvested exclusively in Sue's family's tea garden amidst the native highlands of Peru, The Sacred Valley. Its altitude and climate are perfect for their signature product - namastéas Peruvian Mint Tea and other varietal organic teas and super food in The Sacred Valley. 


The key to producing a premium grade mint tea is found in the degree of care taken in the production process. Every step of the process in the production of this hand-crafted tea is conducted with meticulous attention to detail, and every harvest is taste-tested to ensure consistent quality and continuous improvement - Picked, sorted, and processed entirely by hand, the tender leaves are left intact and unbroken.


It is their mission to share the experience of her family's tea garden with you - dear customers and fellow tea lovers. From offering the freshness of namastéas as if it has been plucked and steeped directly from Sue's family's garden, to educating you on your discovery and appreciation for new blends of namastéas and everything their company has to offer. The namastéas tribe wants you to experience every step of their journey and how deeply and passionately they care about your cup of tea. 

Image & words by Plantfolk Apothecary

 {whole plant beauty for the skin + spirit}

A native Vermonter, Kate Clearlight grew up from a young age with viriditas (green spirit) flowing through her body, mind and soul. Following this green path has brought her to beautiful places all over the world, including spending time living in magical places including southern France, Alaska, and Hawaii. Her love of plants and soil has allowed her to find sweet earth work wherever she goes, with years of organic farming, private gardening, medicinal herb farming, and retail herbal apothecary experience. She is a graduate from the California School of Herbal Studies and completed an Advanced Herbal Apprenticeship with Rosemary Gladstar at Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat.


All of Plantfolk's botanical creations are crafted in mindfulness and gratitude from the purest ingredients available, using a variety of sustainably, ethically, organically, and locally-sourced herbs oils, waxes, essential oils, clays, botanical extracts, and hydrosols. Kate grows many of her own organic herbs in her gardens in northern New Mexico, and distills her own plant and floral waters using an artisanal copper still. All botanical remedies are handcrafted in small batches to ensure utmost quality and care goes into each and every product. 

Plantfolk Apothecary is the manifestation of Kate's verdant green love for the plants and her reverence for the tradition of folk herbalism. The products she creates are not only crafted in hopes of providing humans with a pure, vibrant source of self-care, but just as importantly her botanical creations are dreamt into being as a way of honoring the plants. When we gift our bodies with beautiful, plant-based creations, we make the whole earth glow brighter. And we glow brighter, too! 


Image & words by Rex Apothecary 

"Progress is impossible without change & those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." -George Bernard Shaw

As a curious teenager Jovie would rifle through her mother’s kitchen for face mask ingredients, mixing and matching recipes from her grandmothers “home remedies” book based on what was on hand in the cupboards. Intrigued by the idea of food being used as medicine, the concept of putting the same things on your body that you would put in it seemed to make sense even from a young age. 

Years later, still drawn to medicine, she earned her bachelors degree in biological sciences from the University of California at Santa Barbara with the intention of entering the modern medical field. But the dogma of Western medicine never quite meshed with Jovie, and she left the world of emergency veterinary medicine that she had ended up losing so much sleep over. It was still unknown that she would attempt to make her two passions overlap, merging traditional folk remedies with modern research. 

In the summer of 2012, inspired by personal experiences attesting to the power of herbs, Jovie began studying at The American College of Healthcare Sciences, pursuing a diploma in Holistic Healthcare Practice and preparing to sit for a national board licensing exam in holistic nutrition. She began to see the connection between the oatmeal honey face masks that she dripped all over the bathroom and her fascination with the anatomical structures and functions that maintained balance within the body down to the cellular level. 

In 2011 she opened her Etsy shop: The Stegosaurus Rex, peddling high quality, effective vegan body-care products. As her studies in herbalism deepened, she began releasing more traditional herbal concoctions to support wellness. With these new items the shop needed a more distinct name. It was no longer just deodorant and tooth powder. It had grown into an apothecary. The Rex Apothecary. 

All of the formulations available are original. Herbs have been used traditionally in similar combinations for hundreds of years, so while Jovie does not claim to have invented these uses for herbs, the products available have all been created with the utmost integrity. She designs and prints each product label herself, with the intention not only of reminding us of simpler times {before the commercialization and mass production of health} but of providing a final seal that the crafter's hand went into each individual item, from start to finish. This transfers the love, energy, and power of the artisan's intention directly to whomever uses it. 

The items that she crafts are from nature. And nature, like humanity, is constantly fluctuating and adapting. If we don't allow for this fluctuation and adaptation {and instead only focus on speed, convenience, and price} then we are shutting out the opportunity for ourselves to fluctuate and adapt with nature. 


Image & words by Wild Earth Botanicals 

Since becoming more consciously aware of the impact that harsh chemicals found in everyday skincare have on the earth & it's creatures - Jade Higgins, the radiant maker and healer behind Wild Earth Botanicals wanted a change. She no longer wanted to be apart of the destruction. She decided to switch to a more Eco-friendly lifestyle and since then, have never looked back. Within months of using cruelty free, vegan & chemical free products, her skin began to glow and she felt full of bliss because her personal choices were not contributing to the damage that major companies cause to the planet and it's inhabitants. 

While becoming more and more passionate about living a cruelty free life, Jade decided to take her love to the next step, by starting her own line of cruelty free skincare. Thus, Wild Earth Botanicals was born. Wild Earth is created upon the deep-rooted love for the lifestyle Jade leads. Over months of trial and error, she had finally perfected her first creations. Creating these products has been a dream for her, and that deep love of being able to share the benefits of natural products with those that share similar views has finally began to pave its own path.


Image & words by The SAHA Store

The two young makers behind The SAHA Store handcrafted organic teas, LinLin Kearney & Natasha Olynick, source most of their herbs from an Australian supplier who then sources material from all over the world. Certain herbs are most potent when grown in their native country, so they definitely take this into account. All herbs are certified organic, and if they can't source high-grade, organic medicinal herbs they wait rather than compromise on quality. A lot of time and thought went into the creation of each tea. Their aim is to make a tea blend that supports the body and mind, a tea for every mood. When creating each recipe they take into account therapeutic dosages, smell, taste, synergy of herbs as well as the overall look and feel. Their blends were selected to assist with the most common complaints we see in clinic to provide a really simple and enjoyable alternative to stronger tasting ethanol based herbal tinctures. 

Many days were spent trailing each recipe to find the perfect blend (with A LOT of terrible concoctions and very strange tastes!). But once have they get a recipe down, they hand make every tea themselves in their home, surrounding themselves with good music, laughter and all round good vibes. They follow the philosophy of nature as our teacher and really bring this into each step of the process. They chose to keep their blends loose leaf as they believe the ritual of tea-making allows for a few moments of mindfulness and calm, much needed in todays more hectic world. 

So with that, SAHA provides us with organic hand-crafted tea that you’ll love drinking every day. Each herbal blend has been designed to support and balance the body in its own unique way and they’re certain you’ll find a tea for every mood, every moment.


Image & words by Nimbin Apothecary 


It was during an immensely positive and unforgettable trip down to Nimbin, a village in the Northern Rivers area of the Australian state of New South Wales, when founder of The Botanical Plate, Ruth Schooling stumbled across this little apothecary tucked into the corner of the street. It was the first time she stepped into a real life apothecary and that was it, the love connection was never to be broken. Feeling the benefits of such naturally crafted botanical creations that actually worked, she could not resist to share it with all of those around her. 

Nimbin Apothecary captures nature's wisdom and connects people with the power of plants. They are qualified herbalists and since 1990 they have operated an extensive over-the-counter herbal dispensary that brings to you a wide range of traditional lotions, potions, oils, herb teas, and much more. They specialise in individually prescribed herbal medicines, locally made healthcare products using herbs and oils, herbal nutritional supplements and lifestyle advice. Apart from dried herbs and herb extracts they carry a wide range of essential oils and associated aromatherapy products, hand-made therapeutic and skin care creams, crystals and homeopathics.